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Amidst the UK’s challenging competitive SaaS startup scene, a promising ConTech company focusing on sustainability sought to urgently secure crucial Series A funding to extend their cash runway and fuel grow.


We swiftly devised a dynamic go-to-market strategy to boost investor confidence and drive revenue growth. In just 7 months, we transformed their MRR from $27k to an impressive $103k. We contracted the sales cycle, by 50% to only 3 months. We delivered annual growth of 40%. We restructured key teams, secured a game-changing £1.2M enterprise deal. We also  implemented a proven consultative sales process, a sales automation tech stack. We improved pipeline visibility, accuracy, reporting and ensured the tracking of key sales metrics.


Our efforts culminated in Qflow securing a remarkable $9.1M in Series A funding ahead of time. Our strategic initiatives not only fueled immediate UK revenue growth but also positioned the company for sustained success in the US and Middle East with a rejuvenated sales team consistently surpassing targets and a framework for predictable growth based on data-driven decisions.

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saas growth
UK, US & EMEA | ConTech | PropTech | GreenTech | ERP | EAM | Project Collaboration | BI | Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Augmented Reality | CAFM
Get to $1M ARR in <12 months | Scale to $10M
Innovative Multi-Channel GTM Strategy | Science-based Sales Process | Coaching & Development | Middle East Market Expansion
1 %+ YOY
Bridge MRR Gaps | Predicable ARR | World-Class Rev Ops Systems & Processes | KPIs & Reporting | Data-Driven Decisions |
Board & Investor Confidence

Often, technological innovations are derailed by the allure of quick fixes—such as aggressive growth hacks, relentless advertising, and excessive feature development—without identifying a proper target audience or establishing a clear path for growth. They find themselves stranded in The Chasm – a place where no clever strategy can offer salvation, highlighting the importance of thoughtful planning over chasing fleeting trends.

Our fractional leadership model empowers B2B SaaS and Tech companies to pinpoint the most promising market opportunities, identify the ideal target audience, and craft a winning go-to-market and innovation strategy tailored to dominate your chosen market. Simultaneously, we provide expert guidance on seamlessly incorporating these strategies into your existing business model.

Our frameworks and GTM strategies are proven. They have been used by the world’s leading disruptive start-ups and unicorns alike. With them, we’ve helped Founders, CEOs and Private Equity Advisors launch new products, enter new markets and accelerate market acceptance in the most competitive markets and the most challenging economic conditions.

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Address revenue gaps and transform your sales performance en route to becoming the next unicorn. Our proven, innovative GTM strategy is powered by our proven-by-science SaaS sales engine. We deliver consistent and predictable revenues growth. Succeed at home and expand to the Middle East. Secure the metrics you need to go to the street for your next funding round and attract the attention of acquisitive companies.


Get to $1M ARR in < 12 months. Then $3M ARR, then $5M within 3 years then every milestone on the road to becoming the next unicorn. We create a proven and robust sales engine and go-to-market strategy to deliver consistent and predictable revenues. Bridge revenue gaps and hit every KPI to go to the street to secure your next funding round on the best terms or ensure a timely premium exit.

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Drive scalable high-growth with a proven sales engine that will consistently deliver the revenue you commit. We will improve your sales process, coach your quota carriers and deploy our tested sales tech stack for full funnel optimisation. Secure and maintain Board confidence with greater pipeline visibility, tracking, sales metrics and reporting. Accelerate market acceptance in the UK, US and expand to the Middle East.


Drive scalable high-growth with a proven sales engine that will consistently deliver the revenue you commit. Secure and maintain Board confidence by transforming your sales team’s performance with a winning playbooks and a robust, proven-by-science SaaS/enterprise software sales process. Trusted by top start-ups and scaleups globally. We can create and grow a revenue footprint for you in the UK, Middle East and US markets.

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Elevate from founder-led sales to sustained growth without the high cost and time of a installing a full-time leader. Revisit your existing sales strategy if you are not hitting your numbers. Discover the game-changing impact of our fractional GTM leadership for effective, results-driven SaaS sales solutions.

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