Creating High-Performance
B2B SaaS Sales Teams

High impact training, coaching and mentorship that helps quota carriers consistently exceed revenue targets even in the most challenging market conditions. Rapid results. Secure and retain Board confidence.

ICs & Quota Carriers Need Support

  • 80% of B2B sales professionals say they feel stressed out and anxious at work.
  • 56% feel they cannot talk to their sales managers about work related stress.
  • 1 in 2 sales professionals fail to achieve their sales target or quota.
  • 79% of SaaS sales professionals miss quota, and 14% never achieve even 10% of quota.
  • 71% of sales reps blamed their inability to close deals on their lack of knowledge.

Studies by The Institute of Sales Management, The Sales Management Association, The Bridge Group, Objective Management Group Inc and Sirius Decisions

High Impact Sales Coaching

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  – Albert Einstein.

Why don’t B2B software & SaaS sales leaders focus on coaching their sales teams?

  • They don’t get the value of sales coaching
  • They aren’t trained to coach and develop their team
  • They simply lack the skills
  • They spend too much time working deals versus coaching reps on executing the right behaviors on deals.

Sales coaching ranks as the #1 activity to impact sales effectiveness but only 15% of managers say they have the right amount of coaching at their organization. Sales coaching can dramatically win rates by as much as 25%. That’s a massive impact, right?  When you hire me,  I will coach and mentor your sellers to consistently exceed their targets. I provide a unique 4-Day Boot Camp for SaaS and enterprise software sales teams that will introduce the mindset, sales process and tools they will rely on to close deals with predictable consistency. Sales forecasts will become accurate and reliable.

  • 94% of sales reps who achieve exceptional coaching hit their quotas.

The real payoff from effective sales coaching lies among the middle 60% — your core performers. For this group, the best-quality coaching can improve performance up to 19%. In fact, even moderate improvement in coaching quality — simply from below to above average — can mean a six to eight percent increase in performance across 50% of your sales force.

What would that mean for you as your organization’s sales leader?  

  • 67% of B2B companies that have a multi-year sales coaching program experience high revenue growth.
  • 60% of high-growth companies use sales coaching as an integrated part of a sales training program.

Isn’t this exactly what you need to secure and retain the confidence of your senior leadership team and Board? 

Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Bootcamp

Transforming your team’s sales performance and achieving your revenue goals. Hear the sales bell ringing regularly as you celebrate new logo wins…*DING DING*

Isn’t it frustrating that 80% of your sales revenue is generated by 20% of your sales team? Why are some members of the team constantly struggling to hit their number? Some are way off, aren’t they and that’s why you’re ready to replace them. Is it a hit and miss situation with new hires too as they fail to hit the ground running and you wait for them to land their first software or SaaS deal? 

How does this make you feel when senior management questions why so many deals keep sliding, the pipeline is weak and your sales forecast is always inaccurate – in fact it’s way off. As a sales leader, have you ever felt confident about hitting your team quota and earning the bonuses and commissions that are on the table – month after month, quarter after quarter? 

Imagine a proven sales coaching program that will accelerate your revenue growth and ensure your sales team closes more enterprise software, SaaS and professional services deals than ever before. The Bell Rings Sales Acceleration 4-Day Boot Camp removes all the abstract elements out of the typical sales process. Every single activity undertaken by your sales team is towards a measurable and predictable positive outcome. Your sales forecast and monthly COMMIT will no longer be based on what your team ‘think’ or ‘believe’’. ‘Hope’ will no longer be a part of your strategy.

When you transform your software and SaaS sales process with a complete, proven framework, innovative strategies, automation tools + some ‘MAGIC’ from someone with the gift to inspire your sales team members, something awesome happens.

You’re responsible for delivering a ‘number’ every month/quarter and you’re going to smash it consistently, leaving nothing to chance. You will start to hit exceed your revenue target with predictable accuracy – consistently. You will regain the confidence of the Board and senior leadership team and deliver high-growth, year-on-year.

Invest in your sales team. Empower them with a proven, complete and repeatable sales process used by the top sales professionals in software and technology startups, scaleups and ‘magic quadrant’ companies all over the world to close any big-ticket or complex enterprise software/SaaS sale intelligently. 

We will work on your sales team’s existing opportunity pipeline and they will learn the latest tried and tested strategies to reduce deal risk and convert more deals to CLOSED-WON. Your sales team members will apply what they learn and we’ll overcome any hurdles they come across.

The Bell Rings Sales Acceleration 4-Day Boot Camp can be delivered online or in-person.

4-Day Transformation

Day 1 - DNA of a B2B SaaS Sales Champion
We will examine ‘personal positioning’, discipline and sales accountability. Each member of your sales team will learn to stand out as a subject matter expert. Participants will learn how to create emotional and logical value that will compel their prospects to buy. Your sales team will learn to manage company resources intelligently. We will also work engaging in those tough, insightful and truthful client conversations that most sales folk shy away from. They will also embrace the four best pieces of SaaS/tech sales advice ever that will see their conversion rates skyrocket.
Day 2 - SaaS Sales Opportunity Framework
The Bell Rings Sales Acceleration process for closing deals is largely based on the MEDDPICC sales methodology. Participants will learn what to do next in each deal and how to do it. It’s like Google Maps for SaaS and tech sellers. They will never feel lost in a deal ever again. Participants will be able to score each sales opportunity scientifically to establish focus and commitment to confidently close with urgency. We will use real deals from participants' pipelines as working examples. No more deal-slide. Pipeline quality, visibility and velocity will improve. Forecasts will become consistently accurate.
Day 3 - Sales Funnel Optimisation
Participants will learn how excel in each stage of the sales funnel - from Prospecting, Discovery, Demos, Proposals, through to CLOSED-WON. They will experience the latest sales tech, tools and resources to automate aspects of the Bell Rings Sales Acceleration Blueprint. Templates, guides and strategies that separate the #1 B2B SaaS sales professionals from the rest will be provided. We will go through Prospecting and how to create and maintain a 4x pipeline. Each IC and quota carrier will learn how to continue their prospecting efforts 24x7. No more relying solely on the Marketing team or SDRs to deliver qualified leads.
Day 4 - Creating Value & Social Selling
We will take a look at how your sellers and wider commercial roles can leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator to not only prospect like champions. We also map out the buying journey of your target customers and empower your sellers to stand out as subject matter experts in order to deliver true value to your customer base and Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). They will learn how to map key accounts and uncover insights that will enable them to secure a competitive advantage when it comes to acquiring mindshare with key influencers, buyers and the ‘C’ suite.

Get on track for predictable MRR & ARR growth

If you are struggling to hit budget consistently it's time to invest in the development of your sales team Transform your organization's sales performance today.

Success Stories

Victor Axmalm

 “Mo’s training helped me close the largest ever software deal in our company’s history, just as our President was in town from the US. I rang the sales bell and got a real buzz as I got a standing ovation from my colleagues. My improved sales performance helped me not only keep my job but also get promoted when others in the sales team were being laid off for not hitting their targets.” 


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