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In the fiercely competitive UK SaaS ConTech sector, a sustainability-focused startup urgently needed to secure Series A funding to extend their cash runway and drive growth. With over half of their MRR at risk of churn within six months, the stakes were high.


We rapidly designed a dynamic go-to-market strategy to boost investor confidence by identifying the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and focusing on five key Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). Our approach included creating ICO belief systems, refining offer strategies, and crafting distinct buyer journeys for both transactional and consultative sales.

Operational enhancements involved an overhaul of the HubSpot CRM, recruiting and onboarding new team members across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success, implementing a new sales compensation plan, and introducing a fresh sales and marketing tech stack. generating over 90 top-of-funnel MQLs. We also trained the sales team in the MEDDPICC methodology.


Our efforts swiftly renewed all at-risk contracts and escalated MRR from £27k to £106k in just 7 months, halving the sales cycle to 3 months. Key achievements included securing a £1.2M enterprise deal and other contracts worth over £400k TCV, enhancing pipeline accuracy and reporting. This led to Qflow securing $9.1M in Series A funding, positioning the company for sustained growth in the UK, US, and Middle East.

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saas growth
UK, US & EMEA | ConTech | PropTech | GreenTech | ERP | EAM | Project Collaboration | BI | Data Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Augmented Reality | CAFM
Get to $1M ARR in <12 months | Scale to $30M
Innovative Multi-Channel GTM Strategy | Science-based Sales Process | Coaching & Development | Middle East Market Expansion
1 %+ YOY
Bridge MRR Gaps | Predicable ARR | World-Class Rev Ops Systems & Processes | KPIs & Reporting | Data-Driven Decisions |
Board & Investor Confidence

Some built-environment SaaS firms don’t even try. The prospect of doing business in the Middle East region is daunting for most firms even when their UK, European and US operation is doing okay. When you have a high burn multiple and the cash runway is <12 months and revenues are consistently behind plan and investor/Board pressure is fierce. 

In both situations, cracking the Middle East market is difficult but the prospect of achieving success is tantalizing. Not only does it give your SaaS business a new dimension in terms of enterprise value – but the organic MRR and ARR growth can help you secure Board/investor confidence and/or help you go to the street for fundraising on your terms.

Our fractional leadership model is designed specifically for SaaS and technology firms focusing on the built environment. This is our exclusive areas of expertise. We help ConTech and PropTech SaaS firms to pinpoint the most promising market opportunities, identify the ideal target audience, and craft a winning go-to-market and innovation strategy tailored to dominate your chosen market. Simultaneously, we provide expert guidance on seamlessly incorporating these strategies into your existing business model.

Our frameworks and GTM strategies are proven to accelerate revenue growth for SaaS and tech firms focusing on the built environment. We have over 17 years’ experience of the AEC sector and the built-environment across the Middle East. in EMEA and the US.

Whether you sell AR, AI, Digital Twins, ERP, Contract Management/Procurement, BIM, Project Management & Controls, Collaboration, ESG, Net-Zero, Carbon Accounting, Sustainability, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, FM, or any other built-environment focused SaaS or technology,
Bell Rings Sales Acceleration provides you with a peerless opportunity to partner with us. We help you secure net new MRR & ARR from customers across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the broader region.

We partner with Founders, CEOs and Private Equity Advisors to launch products at MVP stage and more mature UK, European and US-based SaaS solutions in the Middle East market. Within 90-days, we have the top-of-funnel activities in full-swing, sales pipeline in good shape and a dedicated team focusing on converting deals and winning your first new-logos. We know exactly how to get to $5M ARR within a 3-year period from a zero base.

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Address revenue gaps and transform your sales performance en route to becoming the next unicorn. Our proven, innovative GTM strategy is powered by our proven-by-science SaaS sales engine. We deliver consistent and predictable revenues growth. Succeed at home and expand to the Middle East. Secure the metrics you need to go to the street for your next funding round and attract the attention of acquisitive companies.


Get to $1M ARR in < 12 months. Then $3M ARR, then $5M within 3 years then every milestone on the road to becoming the next unicorn. We create a proven and robust sales engine and go-to-market strategy to deliver consistent and predictable revenues. Bridge revenue gaps and hit every KPI to go to the street to secure your next funding round on the best terms or ensure a timely premium exit.

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Drive scalable high-growth with a proven sales engine that will consistently deliver the revenue you commit. We will improve your sales process, coach your quota carriers and deploy our tested sales tech stack for full funnel optimisation. Secure and maintain Board confidence with greater pipeline visibility, tracking, sales metrics and reporting. Accelerate market acceptance in the UK, US and expand to the Middle East.


Drive scalable high-growth with a proven sales engine that will consistently deliver the revenue you commit. Secure and maintain Board confidence by transforming your sales team’s performance with a winning playbooks and a robust, proven-by-science SaaS/enterprise software sales process. Trusted by top start-ups and scaleups globally. We can create and grow a revenue footprint for you in the UK, Middle East and US markets.

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Steve Spark

Non-Exec Director | Chairman | SaaS Investor

“As a seasoned SaaS investor and board non-executive director, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the exceptional in the industry. Mo Daudi stands head and shoulders above the rest. He possesses a rare blend of strategic insight and hands-on expertise that enables him to build and scale SaaS revenues from the ground up, even in the most challenging market conditions.

What sets Mo apart is his ability to operate resourcefully with minimal support, consistently achieving remarkable results. His tenacity, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative go-to-market (GTM) strategies have repeatedly hit sales targets and driven sustainable growth.

One of Mo’s unique strengths is his unparalleled knowledge and network within the Middle East market. SaaS businesses looking to penetrate this region can count on Mo to deliver immediate traction, leading to a predictable revenue stream with minimal risk and high reward. He has a proven track record of doing this successfully for multiple UK and US companies.

Furthermore, Mo’s integrity and reliability are beyond reproach. His deep understanding of the Construction Technology and Construction Software market across the UK and EMEA, garnered over 17 years, makes him an invaluable asset for any SaaS company in this niche.

For any SaaS Founder or CEO looking to scale their business and achieve rapid, sustainable growth, Mo Daudi is the go-to fractional CRO you can trust.”

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Middle East Market Entry for
Built-Environment SaaS Firms

The Middle East region  presents an outstanding opportunity for UK, European and US-based SaaS and tech firms with solutions that focus on the built-environment in order to drive hypergrowth. This region not only offers the potential to boost MRR and ARR but also significantly enhance market capitalization, enhancing a company’s attractiveness to investors and attentive acquisitive companies. With its robust economic growth, substantial investment in technology, and a less saturated market, the Middle East is ripe for UK and US SaaS solutions that can capitalize on the region’s economic climate, less saturated market segments and generally enthusiastic appetite for B2B SaaS and technology.

The market for construction software and technology in the Middle East is experiencing significant growth, driven by the increasing number of construction projects and the adoption of advanced technologies.

  1. Construction Software Market: The construction management software market is expected to grow robustly. Globally, this market is projected to reach USD 9.73 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.33% through 2029. This growth is attributed to the increasing complexity of construction projects and the need for efficient project management solutions. The Middle East, as a part of this global trend, is seeing a similar uptrend in adopting construction software​​​​.

  2. Construction Technology Market: The broader construction technology market, which includes advanced construction equipment and digital solutions, is also expanding. In 2022, the Middle East construction industry was valued at approximately USD 360.5 billion, with a significant portion of this value driven by non-residential construction projects. The market is projected to continue growing, supported by numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, especially in the GCC countries​​​​.

High-growth Potential: The Middle East’s economies are diversifying rapidly away from oil-based revenue to embrace technology and innovation. Countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are implementing ambitious economic plans, such as Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to increase the non-oil industry’s contribution to GDP significantly. This transformation signals robust growth potential for tech firms.

  • First-Mover Advantage: The Middle Eastern market for SaaS products is less saturated compared to Western markets. By entering early, UK and US firms can establish strong brand presence and loyalty before the competition intensifies, similar to how LinkedIn expanded its professional networking platform in the region before many competitors thought to do so.

  • Government Incentives and Support: Many Middle Eastern governments offer incentives to attract tech firms, including tax exemptions, subsidies, and funding for technology projects. For example, Dubai’s Internet City offers a tax-free environment along with state-of-the-art infrastructure, which has attracted giants like Microsoft and Google.

  • Strategic Location: Positioned between the major markets of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Middle East serves as a strategic hub for further expansion. Dubai, for instance, is a logistical hub with world-class infrastructure, providing easy access to the burgeoning markets of Asia and Africa.

  • Advanced Digital Infrastructure: The region boasts some of the highest rates of mobile and internet penetration in the world. Countries like the UAE have invested heavily in creating a digital-first economy, which simplifies the deployment and scaling of SaaS products.

  • Growing Demand for Tech Solutions: With a young, tech-savvy population, the appetite for new technology is substantial. The UAE and Saudi Arabia, for instance, have rapidly adopted cloud computing services, with the cloud market in the UAE expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

  • Favorable Business Environment: The Middle East offers a regulatory environment that is increasingly favorable to foreign investment. Economic free zones across the region not only offer tax advantages but also simpler set-up processes, which reduce the barrier to entry for foreign firms.

  • Cultural Diversification: By entering the Middle Eastern market, companies not only gain access to local revenue streams but also to a diverse customer base, which can inspire new product features and adaptations that may be applicable globally.

  • Increasing Investor Interest: As the region diversifies its economy and invests in technology, it draws more attention from global investors. For SaaS companies, establishing a presence in the Middle East can increase their visibility and attractiveness to investors looking for geographically diversified opportunities.

  • Scalability Across New Markets: The presence in the Middle East can serve as a springboard into adjacent markets, including Africa and South Asia, where similar needs for SaaS solutions exist but are underserved. This scalability can be achieved more smoothly with the insights and regional knowledge gained from the Middle Eastern operations.

Each of these reasons is underpinned by the region’s commitment to technological innovation and digital transformation, making it a fertile ground for UK and US-based B2B SaaS firms to not only enter but thrive and expand their global footprint significantly.

What works at home, doesn’t necessarily apply in the Middle East. Main Contractors, Small-to-Medium sized construction firms, Clients/Asset Owners/Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants operate differently. Power-centers are difficult to understand and define. Relationships are built on trust and you cannot get over this working from a distance. Penetrating the Middle East market comes with its set of cultural and logistical challenges. For UK, European and US SaaS firms focusing on the built-environment, particularly those without first-hand regional experience, understanding local business practices, regulatory environments, and cultural nuances can be daunting. Setting up an office in a Free Zone is relatively easy. However, what’s the point without a physical in-region presence with a team on the ground? The complexity of establishing an in-region business presence in this diverse region requires not just knowledge but also strategic foresight and local networks.

The upfront investment required to setup in region (infrastructure and feet-on-the street) is also requires careful consideration. UK, European and US-based SaaS firms who believe that parachuting in to attend trade shows, booking a few meetings with ICPs and desirable prospective customers may be a good way to ‘test the waters.’ This strategy seldom yields positive results. This is not the way to enter and penetrate the Middle East market. Your prospective customers simply won’t take you seriously.

Similarly signing an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or partnership agreement with a local reseller or partner may sound like a great, low-cost way to try and win your first few customers. However, can you rely on managing your partner(s) from a distance? Ever heard the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Even managing local partners in the Middle East requires a sound strategy. Simply identifying and selecting the right partners requires experience. Managing local partners requires skill and gravitas.

Ultimately if you are serious about doing business in the Middle East and you want to play to win, you need a dedicated in-region presence with an experienced person to lead the charge. You need someone to represent you in region with integrity, experience and credibility. In order to make headway in the Middle East you need to partner with a GTM leader who knows how to sell to Contractors, Client/Asset Owners/Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants.  You need a business development champion that specializes in SaaS and tech for the built-environment.

Selling software, SaaS and technology to Contractors, Asset Owners/Clients/Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants is tough – but rewarding. Doing well in the Middle East means transforming the sales performance and overall attractiveness of any UK, European and US-based SaaS firm that is focused on the built-environment. 

  1. Cultural and Business Norm Differences: Navigating the distinct business etiquette, negotiation styles, and decision-making processes can be complex without firsthand experience. Misunderstandings or misalignments can delay deals and affect client relationships, increasing time-to-market.

  2. Market Segmentation and Localization: Understanding the diverse demographic and business landscapes across different Middle Eastern countries is critical. Without local insights, SaaS firms may struggle to segment and target the market effectively, potentially leading to wasted marketing efforts and increased costs.

  3. Building Brand Recognition: Establishing a new brand in a market where relationships and reputation play a significant role in business can be challenging and costly. Without a strong local presence or partnerships, gaining initial traction can be slow and expensive.

  4. Customer Acquisition Costs: Entering a new market without established channels can lead to higher customer acquisition costs. Identifying and optimizing these channels in the Middle East requires local market knowledge, which without in-region experience, can be costly to obtain.

  5. Pricing Strategy Challenges: Setting competitive yet profitable pricing in the Middle East involves understanding local purchasing power, competition, and willingness to pay for SaaS solutions. Misjudging these factors can lead to pricing that either leaves money on the table or deters potential customers.

  6. Adapting Sales and Marketing Strategies: What works in the UK and US may not resonate with Middle Eastern customers. Tailoring sales and marketing strategies to fit local preferences and norms requires deep market knowledge, which can be time-consuming and costly to develop from scratch.

  7. Distribution and Partnership Development: Finding and securing the right local partners to distribute and advocate for products is crucial but challenging without local networks. The process of building these relationships can significantly lengthen time-to-market and increase initial market entry costs.

  8. Talent Acquisition and Management: Recruiting skilled local employees who understand the market can be difficult. Moreover, managing a remote team or setting up a local office involves logistical complexities and additional costs, impacting overall efficiency and speed to market.

  9. Operational Logistics: Setting up operations, from customer support to compliance with local business practices, requires adjustments and can incur substantial costs. Without regional experience, operational inefficiencies are likely, increasing overall market entry costs.

  10. Scalability Across Regions: Each country in the Middle East has its own unique market conditions. Developing a scalable model that can be adapted across these varying environments without firsthand knowledge can result in misallocated resources and elongated timelines.

What can reduce the risk of doing business in the Middle East? What can indemnify SaaS businesses against trying and failing? The answer is working with a business development / GTM specialist that has a track-record in building sales zero; then scaling to $5M ARR – a specialist with proven track record of selling software to the Middle East construction sector.

Partnering with Bell Rings Sales Acceleration can significantly reduce the risks and costs associated with market entry and accelerate time-to-market.

By leveraging the expertise of a fractional GTM or Revenue leader who has the track record of partnering with UK, European and US-based SaaS firms to build a commercial foot-print in the Middle East from zero and scale revenues to $5M+ within 3 years, you are assured of a low-cost, low-risk and high-reward path to success. Now combine this experience of the Middle East market with 17+ years’ of experience specifically selling software and technologies developed for the built-environment. You can work with a fractional go-t0-market leaders with an unrivalled track-record of selling to Contractors, Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants across the Middle East. By leveraging our industry links, network and first-hand, in-the-trenches business operations across the Middle East, built-environment SaaS firms can effectively navigate the complexities of this diverse market. This strategic approach not only minimizes risks and costs but also maximizes the impact and speed of market entry, setting a solid foundation for long-term success in the region.

Whether you sell AR, AI, Digital Twins, ERP, Contract Management/Procurement, BIM, Project Management & Controls, Collaboration, ESG, Net-Zero, Carbon Accounting, Sustainability, Asset Management, Maintenance Management, FM or any other solution with a focus on the built-environment, Bell Rings Sales Acceleration offers you an unmatched option to partner with us to book net new MRR & ARR from customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the wider region.

  1. In-Region Representation: An experienced fractional GTM leader provides a reputable local face for the company, quickly establishing credibility with potential clients and partners (Main Contractors, Small-Medium Sized construction firms, Client/Asset Owners/Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants). This presence reassures stakeholders of the firm’s commitment and adaptability to local norms.

  2. Localized GTM Strategy: The leader crafts a go-to-market strategy that is tailored specifically to the Middle Eastern market. This includes customizing product offerings, marketing messages, and sales tactics to align with regional preferences and compliance requirements, ensuring that all elements resonate well with the target audience.

  3. Rapid Pipeline Development: Utilizing existing local contacts, the leader can swiftly build a sales pipeline filled with qualified leads. This not only speeds up market penetration but also reduces the initial costs and time associated with establishing new business relationships.

  4. Efficient Sales Process Adaptation: The leader optimizes the sales process to suit local buying behaviors. Understanding the nuances of how deals are negotiated and closed in the Middle East enables them to streamline these processes, making them more efficient and likely to succeed.

  5. Advanced Deal Structuring: They bring expertise in structuring deals that accommodate local business practices and legal requirements, which can differ significantly from those in the West. This ability helps in crafting agreements that are attractive to both parties, enhancing deal closure rates.

  6. Mapping Buyer Journeys: A fractional leader with regional experience is adept at mapping out detailed buyer journeys specific to the Middle East. This includes identifying touchpoints, preferences, and decision-making criteria of local buyers, which are crucial for successful marketing and sales strategies.

  7. Local Time Zone Operations: Operating within the same time zone as the market not only enhances responsiveness but also allows the company to handle communications and resolve issues promptly, aligning with the pace of local business practices.

  8. Building High-Quality Business Relationships: The leader’s established reputation and network of Contractors, Asset Owners/Developers, Architects, PMs and Consultants facilitate the development of strong, trust-based relationships with key stakeholders, which are essential in regions where business dealings heavily rely on personal connections.

  9. Shortened Sales Cycle: With a deep understanding of local protocols and decision-making processes, the leader effectively shortens the sales cycle by navigating these efficiently and aligning sales strategies with local business timelines.

  10. Cost-Effective Market Testing and Adjustment: By conducting targeted market testing, the fractional leader can quickly understand what adjustments are needed for products and services. This ability to swiftly adapt reduces wastage of resources and improves the likelihood of product-market fit.

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