The mission was to help a SaaS startup in the sustainability and construction space achieve the necessary sales metrics to secure an ambitious Series A funding round in one of the most challenging VC markets on record. Mission Accomplished - Qflow has just raised $9.1M in a Series A funding. Increased MRR from $27k to $103k in 7 months; developed a GTM strategy to instill investor confidence and secure the funding round; reduced the sales cycle from 6 months to 3 months; restructured the Sales team and Customer Success functions, personally closed a £1.2M Enterprise deal; embedded a new sales process and methodology; coached the existing sales team to exceed targets for 5 consecutive months and built a set of sales metrics and forecasts for sales management and Board reporting.


Making it easy for SaaS /software firms to acquire new customers on scale – with predictable consis

There’s nothing I like more than hearing than hearing the sales bell ring *DING DING*

I was in awe of top performing sales reps for all the. That’s what prompted to leave a top 5 consulting firm after graduating from University College London (UCL) and join a leading startup in the start of the dot.com era. Selling is the toughest gig ever! I realized that the best sales professionals weren’t the ones who worked the hardest, nor were they just simply lucky. It became my obsession to crack the code and rise from the middle of the pack to being a top performer myself – consistently – and I did.

Did you know that The Sales Management Association reports that sales coaching ranks as the #1 activity to impact sales effectiveness but only 15% of managers say they have the right amount of coaching at their organization. In fact, 94% of sales reps who achieve exceptional coaching hit their quotas* 

I was coached and mentored by the best complex, consultative software sellers in BMC software and GE and my career took off. Now, I want the same for the individual sales reps, sales leaders and founder/CEOs that I work with – I want you to be the catalyst for hypergrowth.

I have been a top individual contributor for 8 years ~ Closed over $22m in software and SaaS sales ~ Instrumental in helping 3 startups scale and achieve a premium exit. 4Projects was acquired by Viewpoint Construction Software which was later acquired by the $3.6B giant, Trimble. 

Over the last 14 years, I have developed, coached and scaled SaaS and Enterprise Software sales teams across the UK, Europe, US and the Middle East. As a Global Revenue Leader I have built high-performance sales teams for tech startups and scales-ups in the Construction, PropTech, Enterprise Asset Management and Facilities Management sectors. One team that I coached and mentored during the second wave of the COVID pandemic is still closing over 300 deals per month!

The solutions I have helped launch and scale include: Augmented Reality, CAFM, ERP, BIM, Collaboration, Document Management, Project Management to name but a few.  

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